Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Precious Punkins!

I'm a cat person. My sister and I are the cat ladies and we love it! =)
I rescue kitties and give them the love they never got from their cat mother.

On the right is Georgie! She's my oldest punkin and on the left hugging his teddy bear Bertram is Munchkin! Aren't they ADORABLE!!

This is Georgie, hugging Rodger the goose! She sits next to me and watches t.v.! She LOVES to watch t.v.! She's started picking out movies from my shelf! She'll go over and deliberate and then pull on off onto the floor and then jump on the bed and meow as if to say "put it in the dvd player mommy"! It's so precious!! I wish I could catch it on video! She loves to snuggles with me and watch cartoons especially! Also, anything with Jackie Chan (like mommy, like kitty, lol)! She's also a great judge of music! I put my Itunes on random and she will purr when the White Stripes come on! She becomes increasingly beautiful and increasingly neurotic as the days go by! People are always telling me to put her in showbiz but I'm afraid she's too skittish for that.. She came from a kind of abusive home. She would bleed and they would laugh.. I wanted to kill them! I think she might have a little brain damage.. but that only makes me love her more!

This is the munch munch after his first bath! I found this little baby in my dads storeroom. There was a big cat that used to sneak in and out of it and he never bothered it cause he knew I'd scold him, lol! But then all of a sudden the cat stopped coming around. We never thought anything about it until 2 days later when I heard meowing coming from the storeroom. I ran inside and got my dad who helped me climb the stacks of boxes and tools to find this preciousness. Turns out he has a sensitive tummy so his mommy abandoned him, like feral cats will do if they think a baby won't survive on it's own in the wild. I named him Dorothy originally until I discovered he was a boy, lol! I named him after Wizard of Oz characters because when I found him he was so hungry and had worms and was just pathetic but I couldn't get him to eat and the vet was closed cause it was saturday. So I just held him in my arms and rocked him on the porch swing to keep him from crying. Eventually I started singing "somewhere over the rainbow" to him and within minutes he was sound asleep. He is the most loving cat I've ever had! He sleeps with me every night!


  1. Oh, so cute! Lucky little guy that you found him. I have 3 cats and love animals. What a cutie. Hope he is doing better now. :)

  2. He is doing much better! He's finally learned that he shouldn't eat stuff he finds on the floor... lol!

  3. You and I are both cat ladies. I adopted 2 at the same time from the local animal shelter. They are litter mates and have never been apart. In fact, they won't eat without the other one. I was worried that one of my boys was not getting enough food because I never saw him by the food dish. So I put the other in the bathroom. What a ruckus. They sat on either side of the door and meowed until I let Starsky out. Then I saw that they both ate enough - Huggy just wolfed his portion down quicker.

  4. Awww!!! How precious!!!! =D

    My babies are bonded at the hip! Munchkin takes care of Georgie, it's so precious!!