Monday, October 8, 2012

Spotlight on Kawaiiideco

In an effort of not being selfish and inviting in the good karma I share with you Kawaiiideco. I say this because once you see her hand-painted acrylic nails you will understand why I would want to keep her a closely guarded secret, lol! 
Lets meet Jaimie Ngo of Kawaiiideco!

These are my absolute favorites!!

Let’s hear from Jaimie:
Kawaiiideco is all about cute & quirky decorations that describe my own personality! Growing up I always had a passion for for art… I loved the feeling of letting my creativity run wild. A couple years ago I ran across Etsy & I had so much admiration for people on there… to come across a group of people so much creativity boggled my mind! From then on, I decided I wanted to be a part of that… I wanted to push my creativity further & be just like them. It’s the people on Etsy who had inspired me to push the envelope of my own creativity; I wanted to be a part of that world.

I don’t consider Etsy to my ‘business’ though, to me it’s a place where I can share all the things I love with other people, it’s a hobby. I often find myself spending 6+ hours sometimes creating this crazy nail set, but I don’t mind because I truly love it. LOVE is essential to my creative process. I also think I have a tad of OCD because everything has to be perfect & the TLC I put into it is tremendous (that’s probably why it takes so darn long haha).

(I bet these had to have taken at least that long! Crazy awesome detail!)

I would have to say that my favorite item that I’ve created is my anatomically correct heart pendant; it’s actually the item that started it all. My first polymer creation was actually made while I was at home studying for my anatomy test! I was learning about the heart & I had my anatomy book open… next thing I knew I had this little heart polymer heart sitting in front of me & I was studying off of it & memorizing the parts on it for my test haha. 

(That’s actually really good advice for anyone taking anatomy!)

The advice I would give to anyone who wants to start an Etsy is… just do it(: creating your Etsy is the first step. Make sure you love what you’re doing & give really good customer service! I feel that it’s important to create a connection with the people who purchase my items. Since Etsy items are handmade, you want the person purchasing to know that the item you’re creating is in good hands. If the item is a ‘custom’, you want to include them in the creation process as much as possible, it gives them a piece of mind that everything is turning out alright & that you really put some TLC into that creation(:

Thanks so much for sharing with us Jaimie!! It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and hear about your creative process! The love, the fun and your OCD tendencies definitely show in your work!

Please visit Kawaiiideco to see more of Jaimies incredible creations or to request your own set of Superhero nails!

If you ask nicely she might even make you an Alliance cell phone charm! ;)

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  1. This is so cool! I really love the anatomical heart pendant she made.