Friday, March 29, 2013

Spotlight on TEEsox by Teri

Today’s spotlight is on a very creative woman by the name of Teri. She’s new to Etsy but I know she will go far! Teri makes the cutest quirky animals from recycling, you guessed it, socks and tee shirts. Bunnies, cats, horses and mice, all with a funky, colorful spin!
There are really no words to describe her adorable creations so this will be a very short intro. Here are the TEEsox!

What did I tell you? Words can’t begin to describe the cuteness!

From the creator:
I just started my "TEEsox" business this year and am having so much fun with it. TEEsox are hand stitched animals made from all vintage and recycled materials. The bodies are made primarily from socks and t-shirts. The clothes are made from vintage, antique and up-cycled clothing. My best sellers are the super-heros! They are all one of a kind and made to be imperfect and whimsical--that is what gives them so much personality!

(The grey mouse is my favorite!!)

I was initially inspired by my daughter's friend, who made herself a primitive sock monkey. It looked so fun, I made my own version initially making them as gifts. With the encouragement of friends, it quickly blossomed into a small business. I am now selling them on Etsy, have had them in several shops and have participated in shows. My favorite thing to do is special orders. I have done client's favorite baseball players, super heroes with their initial on the front, or animals dressed in heirloom lace and linens.

I worked for many years as a Medical Social Worker, until both my daughters and I started getting symptomatic from what was eventually diagnosed as Lyme Disease. It has been a long battle these last 8 years, so this new business has been a blessing. I am doing something I love, from the comfort of my home, when I feel good enough to do it. Art is very therapeutic to me and doing something that others enjoy so much is an added benefit.

They are truly art for all ages!

Such an inspirational story, and precious animals anyone is sure to love! They would make great gifts, if you could bear to part with them after holding them and seeing their adorable faces!
Check out her shop, maybe order your own superhero!

The goth one makes me smile! And as a ballerina I really want the kitty! =)

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