Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spotlight on Sisters Dreams

     Of all of the spotlights I have done so far, this one touched me more than any other. 
    Sisters Dreams shop has such adorable, handmade stuffed animals I really wanted to spotlight them on my blog and to my delight, they agreed! When I received their interview it made me cry and I IMMEDIATELY had to call my big sister.. 
     So for this spotlight I won’t make a lengthy intro because it is not needed.

Once upon a time in a small town of Western Ukraine lived three little girls - three sisters Victoria, Valeria and Sandra.

For their play times they made rag dolls and doll's clothes. When they grew older and became young ladies, they made little bags and purses for their make-up, and other things for their home and interior.

Now these girls turned into young women. One evening when they were having a cup of tea together they started to reflect on their childhood and the dolls that they used to make and the idea to open a shop of hand crafted things was born.

If you are wandering what inspires us, it's the actual creation of handmade things. Every single item we create is made with lots of love and attention to smallest detail. Each product is personally designed by us.

It gives us great pleasure, when visitors to our shop like our products. We want to draw your attention to a most popular item in our shop: 

And for those who want to start their own shop on Etsy - go ahead and create what you love. Sisters Dreams

I hope that this touched you as much as it did me.. Please visit their shop, I promise you will find all of the sisterly love that was displayed in this interview in each and every one of their handcrafted items.


  1. Stuffed animals dont normally excite me, but these are too precious! I really love that elephant=) Great choice for a spotlight!