Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spotlight on Novel Creations

Novel Creations Spotlight:

You might have seen Natalie Portman clutching a purse made from the book Lolita on the runway and thought to yourself as I did, “where can I get one of those!?”

Well look no further! Here I present to you the beautiful and whimsical purses of Karen from Novel Creations! These purses are bright and unique, perfect gift for that bibliophile in your life (like me, for example *wink*wink*.. j/k)! From the classics to recent works these one of a kind works of art put a new meaning to the term “book bag”! (Yes, it was cheesy but I just had to!)

Some of my favorites!

Let’s hear from Karen:
  1. How/why did you get into this and do you find it fun?
    Working for a used book store, I would bring home the books they wanted to throw away. I just could not see them taking a dive in the dumpster. I collect books like the crazy woman that collects cats!

    With an attic full of books, I realized I could make into a purse. After a lot of trial and error, I figured it out and this has been a fun-filled adventure learning how to make these purses better and better each time I make them!

2. When designing a piece for someone, what is your favorite?
I am a perfectionist so I am assembling with great care as I know once my customer receives her purse, she will be looking at it intently. So, it has to be perfect! All of the books are my favorite! I love custom orders because then I get to read a new book!!

3. What would you like to say to new customers/potential buyers?
A book purse makes a unique gift for that special person that has everything! I just betcha they don't have a book purse!

Great gift ideas for girls of ANY age! Visit Novel Creations on Etsy and be sure to use the code WICKEDJEWELRY to get FREE shipping to anywhere in the US! Thanks again, Karen!

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