Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spotlight on Art Runs Deep

Todays artisan is a new seller on Etsy. While the art of origami and paper flowers isn’t a new concept I have never seen someone do what this woman does with paper! Centerpieces that are bright and eye-catching and sure to brighten any table and add a splash of color to any holiday meal or family dinner!

For those of you who have never tried paper-folding, trust me when I say it’s much harder than it looks!! I have attempted it and can honesty say, I have no idea how someone could have so much talent as to turn something so ordinary as colored paper into a brilliant work of art!

I asked Sophie to share with me a little about herself and her centerpieces:

My name is Sophie, I'm new to Etsy and only have 1 sale but because what I make is so different from what others make I'm hopeful for the future. 
I make origami balls out of post it's. I made them a lot in my free time and wanted to share them with the world so I started an Etsy account.
I love coming up with new color combinations and patterns which inspires me to keep creating. This is my favorite so far:

The only advice I have is work hard and dream big. Good luck!

(This is my personal favorite!)

Thanks again Sophie for sharing with me and my readers! I hope you all will check out her shop and lend your support to a woman with a dream!

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