Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spotlight on Sharon Mooradian Designs

For all of you fellow creative types who love to decorate your home with pieces as colorful as your souls, have a got a shop for you! =)
From big pieces to the small every item in Sharon Mooradians’ shop is sure to make your other furniture jealous! Beautiful blues and pinks, oranges and purples everywhere! Hand-painted pieces and mosaics. Beautiful upcycled pieces to brighten your home.
No need to guild this lilly, it’s beautiful enough on its own. =)


My path to becoming a decorative painter was a wiggly piggly road which I could only travel on at night, when I came home from a high pressure 9-5 office job. After cooking and cleaning up from dinner I could escape to my workroom. When there is love and passion about what you do, the energy is always there and so you take whatever time there is to do what makes you feel alive. When I couldn’t be painting a piece of furniture, I would be planning, designing and dreaming about it so there would be no wasted time sitting in front of a piece and wondering where to begin. Slowly but surely I created a few pieces and approached a local gallery that was willing to accept my work on a commission basis. That was fourteen years ago, the beginning of my wiggly piggly road where Sharon Mooradian Designs started. It’s a nice little road and hope to keep moving along this path, enjoying the trip and seeing how far I can go.


When I find a great piece of furniture or old frame, I sand, prep and base coat it. It’s what I call the “getting to know you stage”. While base coating all the nooks and crannies and curves, I get to know the piece very intimately! Then something I see in my daily travels will appeal to me – a piece of fabric, a color chip at Home Depot, flowers, dragon flies, music – it can be anything. Sometimes it’s looking through my kaleidoscope where I can see a myriad of luscious color combinations that I would never dream of putting together! Instead of counting sheep at night, I put myself to sleep imagining how the piece could look – visualize the colors and then the next morning, the fun work begins.

I really enjoy transforming an unloved piece of furniture. It’s very magical to me. The added bonus is when someone connects with the piece and loves it so much they want to take it home.


My business advice is to go through every door that opens for you because you never know where it will take you. And yes, sometimes you have to knock on those doors to make them open. No one likes rejection, especially creative people. Just keep moving on to the next door. Never force anything, if it is supposed to happen, it will happen. My creative advice is to keep your eyes open - ideas are all around us, all of the time, pay attention and you will see them.


The Blue Willow Plate and Teacup Table is one of my favorite pieces. The table comes from fond memories of my grandmother. It’s a combination of faux painting and decoupage. The inspiration came from seeing blue willow china in an antique shop which reminded me of her. A few weeks later, I saw the same pattern in a magazine, beautifully photographed, like a gift. The proverbial light bulb went off in my head and the table was created. 

(My favorite piece too!)


Well, she said it! =)
You can visit her shop, here:

(Closer pic of that GORGEOUS table)


  1. I personally know Sharon, but if I didn't, I would want to be her friend! Her sense of value for previously owned and loved pieces make her a "treasure" in my book. Her creative side provides joy to the customer lucky enough to find her shop.
    Thank you for sharing her with your followers, they will be better for having met Sharon!

  2. So neat! And I agree, other furniture would (and should) feel jealous if one of these pieces were in the same house! ;-)

  3. Becky - That was a beautiful thing to say, she's lucky to have a treasure like you as a friend as well! And I totally agree with you, she is a sweet and wonderful woman and I'm so glad I found her shop!